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Pixi Still Available at Verizon

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For those who are still looking to get your hands on the original Palm Pixi you can find them at some online retailers. Price ranged from $19.99 to $0 depending on the retailer. The price is cheaper than some flip phones. Although you can invest the same amount of money on another smartphone, which cost $100 or more, you won’t find anything in such slim and compact size. You can certainly save a little bit during Verizon Black Friday 2011 sale but chances are you won’t find it in stores. It’s the smaller and lightest smartphone ever made by Palm and unfortunately they are discontinued.

You might prefer the Pre in case you want a bigger smartphone. What is stopping some people from getting a Palm Pre though? The Pre 2 or Pre Plus is no doubt appealing to numerous consumers due to more powerful processor and slide-out keyboard. In my opinion I would rather pay nothing upfront and get a secondary phone for everyday use. Pixi was first released on Sprint’s network as they always do. It instantly became the most popular budget smartphone. The affordability is the major factor. However, ease of use is biggest selling point with all Palm products. Right now I don’t see any possibility that it will go on sale on Sprint Black Friday. You can still find it on eBay or third party retailer though.

The only carrier that doesn’t support Palm products such as the Pixi is T-Mobile. But just like hardcore Palm fans they can always unlock the GSM version and port it over to T-Mobile’s network. The only disadvantage is it will be running on a slower 2G speed instead of the widely 4G. If you are looking for an alternative phone to Android be sure to check out the myTouch line during T-Mobile Black Friday sale.

Phones You Should Not Buy on Black Friday

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Forget about your not so old Palm Pixi. It’s time to get a new phone for the holiday. Here are some tips you can save more during this special time of the year. Not every phone is created equal. I mean their design and quality. Sure many phones are free. But look at their regular retail price. If it was selling for $50 before you are only saving $50 today. If they are selling for $200 before then you will actually save $200 today. Got the idea?

Devices you should total ignore during 2011 Black Friday Verizon Wireless sale: flip phones! Who use basic flip phone anymore. It used to compact and light. Nowadays touchscreen phones are thin and slim. You can carry them anywhere and they actually does much more than just calling.

Devices you should avoid during Black Friday Metro PCS sale? Since MetroPC has the cheapest 4G plan among all carriers. You shouldn’t pay any attention to phones that are not 4G capable. However, higher end 4G smartphones will cost a bit more, especially they just come out. Get those that have good reviews. Although a contract is not required, anything above $300 is just not worth it.

What about Sprint Black Friday 2011 deals? They have one of the cheapest unlimited plans. Sprint does have some exceptional offers every year. And this year is no difference. Many new 4G Android phones were just released a few months back. There a couple of 3D models that commanding about $200 a piece. You will probably get it for less $100. They are not my favorites I would rather get a slimmer and lighter 4G phone instead.

Stay tuned for tips in the coming weeks.

Can You Open Excel on Palm Pixi?

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What kind of files and supported by the new Palm Pixi phone? Can you open and edit Excel files on Pixi? Are there any built-in apps that let you do works in Microsoft Office? Yes, you can view and edit Microsoft Excel on Palm Pixi with Documents to Go applications found on the phone. However, the Docs to go is a third party application also available for other smartphones like BlackBerry and the original Palm OS.

You can sync any Excel files you saved on you desktop or laptop with the Pixi. To view Excel attachments on emails, simply click/tab the file names directly from the email applications, the Docs To Go opens it correctly. You can zoom in and out with only two finger gestures. I tested the Docs to go on Palm Pre, it works seamlessly with Excel 2000, 2003, and 2007 attachments. The touch screen works perfectly when you try to scroll page up and down. Better than using the trackball found on most of the Blackberry phones.

Is Palm Pixi Touch Screen?

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There are many smartphones with a non-slide-out full QWERTY keyboard do not have touch screen – like Blackberry Curve, Bold, and T-Mobile Dash. So, is Palm Pixi touch screen given the fact that it does have a physical keyboard right below the screen? Rest assured that the Palm Pixi is 100% touch screen. In fact, the touchscreen is the only way to take advantage of the new WebOS that utilized gestures by tapping and swiping the screen. Read more

Screen Wipe Cleaning Cloth for Palm Pixi

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Have you started noticing that the pictures and video are blurring. Pay close attention to the screen surface. Do you know that improperly wiping Pixi’s screen can scratch the surface and make the screen less sensitive to touch? Treat you smartphone screen right by using a nice screen wipe for Palm Pixi. Like any other touchscreen phones, your Pixi has a tendency to accumulate natural skin oils when you use it for talking or anytime you “dirty” fingers touch the screen. The ‘oily mix’ can become a bit of a nuisance and clouds the clarity of the screen. You can remove the smudges and fingerprints by using a cloth like the ones that come with your eye glasses. Read more

Should You Upgrade from Centro to Pixi?

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Are you thinking to upgrade from Palm Centro to Palm Pixi? It’s a smart question and let’s do a battle between Palm Pixi vs. Centro and make the choice clearer. We know it’s not fair to compare the Operating Systems on these two phones since the WebOS is completely new and the original Palm OS has been out since the Palm Pilot over 10 years ago. The Centro with Palm OS 5 still has its advantages over many so-called smartphones these days. However, there is no question that the WebOS is much more advanced in every way than the Palm OS. Read more

When Will Palm Pixi be Available for AT&T

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Look like Sprint is still ahead of the game when it comes to getting new Palm smart phones. This time, the new Palm Pixi will only be available for Sprint during the upcoming holiday season. So when will Palm Pixi be available for AT&T? Those who are not too fond of the iPhone are anxiously waiting for the Pixi to arrive. But there is no official words when the Pixi will come to AT&T. Read more